DAE OIL10,20,40,50,60


Aromatic extracts refer to solvent extracts of distillates or the residue (residuum) from a vacuum tower; DAE oil is substances that is  highly viscous liquids and contain predominately aromatic hydrocarbons which covering the carbon number range of C15 to C50. When producing refining oil such as waxes and base stock DAE oil produce . The aromatic extracts can be grouped into two subcategories, distillate aromatic extracts (DAEs) and residual aromatic extracts (RAEs), according to the class of lubricating oil feed stock from which they are derived.



DAE distillated aromatic extract combination is used as:

  • Carrier oils
  • Plasticizer
  • Diluents & filling agent
  • Good Solubility Properties
    processing ability of rubber in milling and mixing
  • Heavy fuels
  • Feed stock for production of carbon black
  • Petroleum pitches and resins
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastics



There are different grades of DAE (DISTILATED AROMATIC EXTRACT) as below normally with changing viscosity index some other items like Aniline point , flash point may change . here are all type of DAE with specification which we can produce and supply according to customers requirement :



DAE distillated aromatic is stable in ambient conditions, non-corrosive and it can be stored in mild steel containers.
The product is practically non-irritating to skin and eyes.Lubricants should be in a clean, dry storage. Storage temperature should be appropriate in all cases. All packing should keep away from all kinds of environmental pollutants such as dust and moisture .Lubricants based on their additive has different storage time , DAE has a long shelf time among other lubricants .Temperature fluctuations cause air movement between the environment and the top containers.  if a barrel has any hole lubricant that does not have the temperature drop, in cold weather air goes into the drum and when weather is hot air go out of the drum . With air moisture particles go into containers and is likely to break the base material.Heat or too much cold can cause chemical analysis of lubricants. As previously mentioned, stainless steel may be degrading the quality only after six months of storage. Depending on the formulation, a stainless can have poor solubility in base oils and precipitate. This sedimentation during storage at low temperatures to raise a lot.Oil lubricants eager to absorb moisture in the air naturally . Humidity immediately begins to decompose oil additive and lubricant oxidation of the base material after entering the accelerating consumption cycle.



Packing DAE10, DAE20, DAE40 , DAE50 , DAE60 can be in new steel drum , one new steel drum capacity is 200-210 liter  , recondition or used drum also can contain same quantity per drum totally 16.500 to 17.000 MT DAE different grade can load on one 20foot container equal to 80 drum  , ISO tank capacity is 20 MT net weight same as  flexi tanks  . Some customers who need to discharge the DAE in their pool or tank use iso tank since they can warm up the DAE then it can discharge more easy therefore they would not have labor cost which is high in western and Oceania continent .