Shipment of rubber processing oil RPO

In this days The technology of oil products transportation has evolved alongside the oil and chemical industry .
Shipment process is an important item of business import and export – , We explain you at blow , a simple process of shipping :

1. Shipper requests a rate to a certain destination from the shipping line that offers a service to that destination , We offer you the best freight charge to all over the world,

2. The shipping line provides the rate to the shipper

3. Once the rate has been accepted by the shipper, he requests the shipping line to make a booking to that destination Be sure that our agent will follow our cases just in time .

4. Our agent in shipping line provides a booking reference which in general cases is also the reference for the release of the empty container for the packing . Any packing and shipping metod is acceptable from us , PPO in drum , iron drum , new drum , iso tank , flexi tank .. is available for us .

5. After that , Based on the stack dates nomianted for the ship, the shippers nominated transporter goes to the empty depot to pick up the empty container

6. The empty container is taken to the shippers warehouse for packing.. Once the cargo is packed, the full container is taken to the port/terminal within the stack period

7. And shipment process from the Board to destination will be done truly and hopefully .